Top Picks for Fall



November 23, 2015

Why do we constantly talk about the dreams or idea we'd like to accomplish but feel we can only accomplish "when x, y,z happens"? Or, when we feel conditions that seem less than ideal will magically shift to allow entry for our future hopes? We all seem to get stuck in this thought process when we  need to grasp that our someday is right NOW. My favorite quote that I made up myself , but I'm sure a famous philosopher or rapper probably put it much more eloquently, is "at the end of the day we only regret the things we didn't do." Everyone told me to wait to start a clothing line. But wait for what? To find time...

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Being Kind

November 15, 2015

  I feel like I am constantly getting caught up in a bad mood. As adults, and especially as over-exhausted parents, it's so easy to let little things get us down. Missing that green light. Over-priced coffee that ends up burnt. Kids singing too loud in the back seat when you are late to football practice. Little shoes all over the house. Another load of laundry that didn't get moved to the dryer and now smells moldy. It's enough to drive us batty. And yet we WAY too often forget just how good we have it. I try to tell my boys about other countries, other kids in other situations and explain how lucky they really are, but its hard...

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