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Family Entertainment

August 25, 2015

There was electricity in the air, excitement surrounded us as we walked into the Barclays Center in Brooklyn for a live event Sunday night. People were streaming in, dressed extremely casually and some rocking masks and costumes. You could see them from blocks away, with so much excitement on their faces. My boys were wide-eyed, trying to capture everything that was happening around them. Hordes of people were piling into the arena, wearing shirts, hats, and other gear that showed their loyalty to their favorite superstars. Grown men were wearing face paint and wearing big shiny belts, and everyone was happy, excited and ready to watch the show.  Even my sister and her children showed up rocking supporting their favorite superstars!How...

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Don't Hit Girls...

August 18, 2015

Don’t Hit Girls? Don’t hit anyone! My boys have great friends, most are boys but some are girls. These girls are usually the ones that have the same interests (mostly sports).  We've always taught our boys to hold the door for ladies, be gentlemen and have respect for others (my husband is as southern as they come so a lot of his upbringing is grounded in solid southern roots).  So, when the girls play tackle football with the boys we ran into the issue of my kids not wanting to hit a girl. We taught our boys that ladies are to be treated gently, but this can’t always apply, especially in contact sports. Their friends want to play and be...

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