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Rough and Tumble Summers

July 28, 2015

Reporters love to ask me "what is one thing that no one prepares you for when you become a mom". My answer is: everything. There was no discussion about postpartum contractions while breastfeeding or how much vomit can spew out of a tiny baby body when they get sick. Nobody warned me about how little boys might whizz on you as soon as the diaper is removed or how the tiniest head wound from a tiny cut will bleed as if it was caused by a machete. As a mom, and especially a mom of rough, tough boys, I’m figuring it out along the way. Summertime for our family is such an amazing time for so many reasons. The late, warm...

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Summer Slide

July 20, 2015

Summers of my childhood were spent running around my neighborhood until the streetlights came on. We would hang at the beach with friends, returning home sunburnt and exhausted. We drank water from garden hoses, riding bikes to play at each other’s houses. We were outside all day, unconnected to electronics.  When the unfortunate time came to go back to school, we weren’t concerned about how much information we retained from the previous school year. Now that my boys are school aged, I’ve learned a new term called “Summer Slide” which is when kids forget some things from before summer vacation. Even now, I don’t really understand the overwhelming concern other parents I’ve encountered are experiencing.   Summer workbooks, reading groups...

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