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Celebrating America

June 30, 2015

   "We can't break tradition" were the words out of my 9year olds mouth when we told him last month that we would not be able to spend 4th of July in Lake Tahoe. Since he was born we haven't missed a shore-side fireworks show on the Lake and he was perplexed and disappointed. I think his father and I were even more so at the idea of not being in our favorite vacation spot for our favorite holiday.  Things happen, work comes up and sometimes you have to reprioritize. But it doesn't mean that the meaning of the day will be missed on us all. The birthday of this great country is one of my favorite days of the...

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Rockstar Dad

June 17, 2015

Is Fathers Day the most laid back of holidays? Fathers Day, much like Mothers Day is one of the more historically recent holidays but one that we look most forward to in our family. I love these particular holidays for their simplicity and thoughtfulness. They haven't yet been made stressful or overly commercialized. These two days are centered around immediate family and the idea of taking it easy and kicking your feet up for one whole day. It's what the weekends were meant to be before we overly complicated our calendars and had the ability to communicate with the office from home via laptop and smart phones. But I have to say that I feel Mother's Day is a little...

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