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Our Camping Adventure 

August 04, 2015

As parents we are used to being messy. I've long said that the true sign of a real hands-on parent is when they have 5 bodily fluids on them at all times; and I don't mean from their own bodies. Snot, puke, pee, spit-up, blood, drool, and of course the dreaded, code: Brown.  Last week my family took our very first camping trip by boat around Lake Tahoe to a little bay on the west side. It was amazing, it was difficult but mostly it was dirty. I'm used to being messy with tosseled hair and stains on my clothes, but this took it to a new level.  Before we left on our expedition, I had the boys help me...

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Rough and Tumble Summers

July 28, 2015

Reporters love to ask me "what is one thing that no one prepares you for when you become a mom". My answer is: everything. There was no discussion about postpartum contractions while breastfeeding or how much vomit can spew out of a tiny baby body when they get sick. Nobody warned me about how little boys might whizz on you as soon as the diaper is removed or how the tiniest head wound from a tiny cut will bleed as if it was caused by a machete. As a mom, and especially a mom of rough, tough boys, I’m figuring it out along the way. Summertime for our family is such an amazing time for so many reasons. The late, warm...

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