Top Picks for Spring


"King Of Hard-working Quality"

June 07, 2016

I love reading the comments I get on my blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Its important for me to hear how you're feeling about our new brand, what we're doing right and ways we can improve.  I've received some comments on the price points of our clothing so I wanted to address this since we believe so strongly in our brand and that the pricing is exactly where it should be! Nothing is more frustrating to me than when I purchase a piece of clothing for my boys, they wear it once and I wash it only to have it shrink. Or, when a pair of pants they've worn twice gets a tear in the knee cap.  When my husband...

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TRIPLE Giveaway of items you MUST have...

June 02, 2016

Our King of Harts team put together a list of THE coolest, must-have items that you’ve (probably) never even heard of before! Whether your little kings and queens are babies, preschoolers or elementary-aged, or still marinating in the belly, there is something for everyone here. 

We're already patting ourselves on the back because we know you're going to dig this resourceful and time-saving list just as much as we do. And, if that's not good enough, we're finishing it off with a TRIPLE GIVEAWAY so keep reading...

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